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                                          UOT Kitchenon

                                          Customise your Android device with this online tool

                                          Kitchen features:

                                          • Battery mod for Xposed framework (NEW!)
                                          • Support for Android JB 4.2 (NEW!)
                                          • New ApkTools for better ICS and JB roms support
                                          • Battery mod for ICS and JB roms
                                          • Notification window for qhd/hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms
                                          • Bootanimations for qhd/hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms
                                          • Flashing folders for system files
                                          • Additional patch to fix images
                                          • Custom battery for MIUI rom
                                          • Settings download/upload
                                          • Support for TouchWiz roms
                                          • Quick settings tab
                                          • Lockscreen pattern
                                          • Lockscreen lense style
                                          • Lockscreen rotating style
                                          • Lockscreen sliding tabs
                                          • Lockscreen icons
                                          • Custom loading circle
                                          • Custom list dividers
                                          • Pulldown background animation
                                          • Volume and Download bar customization
                                          • Flashing script for Data++ Roms
                                          • Popup windows customization
                                          • Support for stock odexed roms
                                          • Support for GB roms with Sense
                                          • Optional Theme preview
                                          • Overscroll glowing
                                          • Font packs
                                          • Supporting Theme Chooser for CM7 roms
                                          • Enable transparency in status bar for GB roms
                                          • Supporting Gingerbread roms
                                          • Edify and Amend installation script
                                          • Supporting hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms
                                          • Patch9 images auto-fix
                                          • Super Circle Battery with %, version [A-P]
                                          • Custom style battery, version Z
                                          • Themed icons for status bar
                                          • Uni-color icons
                                          • Customizable notification drop-down window
                                          • Bootanimation changer
                                          • Corrected files for popular roms/themes
                                          • Showing battery % while charging
                                          • Custom charging animations
                                          • Windows animations
                                          • Icons for Notification Power Buttons

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                                          All suggestions are welcome and can be shared with us on XDA

                                          Qliratu, Mendozinas & Avreen

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